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Amazing New Pet Litter Can Be Seen (but Not Smelt!) At BVNA Congress 2011

13 years ago

26th September, 2011 17h03

Pet litter just got more exciting! No longer is it something that you need to be embarrassed about because it either smells or is very environmentally incorrect SmartBedz Universal Bedding & Litter is unique and now available for all pets, practices and people who want an easier life. It offers real advantages over other bedding and litter materials. Made only from straw, which is chopped, ground and pelleted, it is used successfully and safely with all small pets including cats, rabbits, cavies, rodents, reptiles and domestic chickens. SmartBedz is the best litter and bedding available because absorbs more liquid (4 times its weight) faster (in 30 minutes) than other litters and as a result is more effective at preventing and eliminating odour than them. It is fully dust extracted to minimise irritation and mess. After use SmartBedz decomposes faster than other bio-degradable litters making it easy to dispose of without using landfill. It is the ultimate litter material for pets, practices and the environment because it:It’s got whatever you want your litter to have People who use it have told us what they think now you can do the same. ‘Buy and Try’ from National Veterinary Services or, if you want to find out more first, visit SmartBedz stand, No. 017, at the BVNA Congress on the 7-9th October. Now it’s your turn, let us know what you think via our web site, we want to hear from you. “I would rate the new SmartBedz Universal Bedding and Litter as an infinitely superior alternative to wood shavings my former choice.” Heather Hunt   “It clumped well for ease of use and any odour was quickly absorbed keeping smells at bay, which we find particularly important. Also, the cats managed to keep the majority of the litter inside the tray! All four cats seemed to take to the litter well. I would have no hesitation in recommending we were really impressed with it." Mrs S Flory   “However we've been using the Litter pellets for some 2 months, during which we have found has substantially decreased the aroma, absorbing all of the urine, and fluid from the solids thus making litter clearance less frequent and an altogether more pleasant task! Moreover we recycle the used litter into the flower beds/veg patch as manure. Jonathan, Suzy and Rupert Clogg To find out more, contact Nigel Bateson, SmartBedz Tel: 01473 356134 or [email protected], and on Facebook and Twitter @smartbedz

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