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Animal Airways Presents Safe Alternative To Cargo Pet Travel By Flying Pets With Owners

14 years ago

12th April, 2010 00h00

The Company's Pet-Flight Management covers all methods of flight allowing customers and their pets to fly safely and simply while reducing cost Animal Airways, the first global pet-flight management provider for safe and simple family travel, announced today that it will extend its Pet-Flight Management Service to all methods of flight to allow customers and their pets safe and simple flights while dramatically reducing cost. Statistics show that around 200,000 animals are airborne annually in USA domestic flights alone. 70% of the animals are dogs, most of which are flown by cargo. To enable families the choice of the most suitable route with comfort, safety and budget in mind, Animal Airways has developed services for all methods of flight provided by international airlines; Cargo, checked baggage and In-cabin. Passengers flying their pets by cargo pay high sums for customs release and airway bills. A cargo-shipped pet lands separately from his owner on a separate flight and sometimes in a separate port. The pet often waits longer for release. Alternative methods of flight could often be less costly while safer for pets and simpler for owners. "We feel strongly that families who wish to fly together with their pets should be able to do so - and get professional guidance as they go through this complex process" says Dr. Eytan Kreiner, Head Veterinarian of Animal Airways, "Most people do not have the time or know what questions to ask in order to travel safely with their pets. We are happy to be in a position to help them." The Pet-Flight Management service is intended to provide families with the safest and simplest travel route by leveraging Animal Airways’ pet travel experience and expertise. A team of flight consultants and veterinarians guides customers through flight plans, regulations, documentation, kennel preparation and veterinary issues. Apart from their management service, the company provides ground handling services, ticketing and shuttling to answer all family travel needs.

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