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Animalcare Launches A Stronger Hyperthyroidism Solution

2 weeks ago

6th October, 2020 12h06


York – October 2020. Animalcare has announced the launch of Thiamacare®, the strongest oral solution of thiamazole available. With 10 mg/ml thiamazole, Thiamacare is double the concentration of the current liquid option, for the lowest dose volume available.

Stronger compliance

Liquid formulations are fast becoming a popular choice for the long-term medication of cats, with 87.4% of owners citing them as their preferred option.1 This, together with the fact that cats find liquid formulations significantly more palatable2, means using an oral solution, such as Thiamacare, can help improve compliance when managing feline hyperthyroidism.

Stronger convenience

Thiamacare allows for easy and accurate dosing with the dosing syringe clearly marked with a single scale in 1.25 mg increments. This facilitates precise dosing in response to total T4 measurement values and requires no conversion when switching from other brands or formulations. Thanks to the double concentration formulation, practices only need to stock one size bottle (30ml), which gives 60 days of treatment at the recommended starting dose.

Stronger support

Animalcare has developed a suite of materials to encourage the use of Thiamacare as the preferred choice for feline hyperthyroid medical management. These include social posts and a post-prescription leaflet to help veterinary teams support owners, particularly through the stabilisation phase post-diagnosis. A short webinar offering top tips for treating feline hyperthyroidism from feline Specialist Dr Caney will also be available later in October.  These resources will all be available at

James Beaumont, Brand Manager, says; ‘’We are excited to be launching Thiamacare and bringing a stronger solution for the management of feline hyperthyroidism to the market. Our experience means that we understand the difficulties for some owners in medicating their pets, especially with a condition such as hyperthyroidism, which often makes cats more fractious and even more resistant to handling. With the lowest dose volume available, we believe Thiamacare will make the medical management of this condition easier through improved cat acceptance and better owner compliance. Recognising the pressures that vets in practice often face, we have also deliberately focused on making the process of switching brands easy with the range of support materials.’’

Thiamacare joins Animalcare’s Thiafeline tablets to provide a range of feline hyperthyroidism medical management options to suit all administration preferences and is licensed for the long-term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism and the stabilisation of cats prior to thyroidectomy.

For stronger feline hyperthyroidism management in your practice, contact your local Animalcare representative via email or telephone 01904 487687.



Rebecca George

Tel: 07974 161108/01449 737281



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1.       Zimmerman, T.M. et al. (2014) Ease of use of Semintra- cat owner feedback under European field conditions. J Feline Med Surg. 16, 764.

2.       Sivén, M., et al. (2017) Difficulties in administration of oral medication formulations to pet cats: an e-survey of cat owners. Veterinary Record 180, 250

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