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Bear is back to enjoying his walks thanks to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Winchester, following a serious leg injury.

Bear is back to enjoying his walks thanks to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Winchester, following a serious leg injury.

Bear's Far From Grizzly Following Transformational Leg Surgery

7 months ago

17th November, 2023 10h10

Linnaeus Group

A young dog who suffered a serious leg injury in a road traffic accident is back enjoying walks with his owner thanks to the skills of orthopaedic surgeons at a top Winchester animal hospital.

Three-year-old Bear, a Cavachon, was in a very poorly condition with a broken right femur when he was referred to Linnaeus-owned Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS). 

The episode was made all the more traumatic for Bear’s owner Victoria Jones, also from Winchester, as she was on holiday in Australia when Bear’s accident happened. 

However, she has heaped praise on AMVS who kept in regular contact with her throughout her beloved pet’s treatment despite being on the other side of the world. 

It was while at the leading referral centre that a multi-disciplinary approach discovered Bear was also suffering from two other unrelated medical issues – a pneumothorax, which is an abnormal accumulation of air outside the lungs, and a heart murmur. 

Victoria, who’s mum was looking after Bear while she was away, said: “Being in Australia was very hard as I was so worried about Bear and also my poor mum, who felt dreadful the whole thing had happened on her watch. 

“After speaking with James Grierson at Anderson Moores I felt so reassured Bear was getting the best care and attention, meaning I no longer had to worry about him and could just concentrate on reassuring my mum.” 

James Grierson, RCVS and European specialist in small animal surgery and head of surgery at AMVS said: “Bear suffered a femoral fracture after a road traffic accident. Such was the extent of the injury the trauma needed repairing with a pin down the bone as well as plate and screws.

“He’s a lovely little dog with a great personality and smiling demeanour, so it’s great to hear from his owner that he’s back enjoying his walks, which are slowly building up in length.

“It was also very rewarding we were also able to diagnose and treat two other medical conditions which is testament to the skill and professionalism across departments, including cardiology, at AMVS.” 

Bear’s owner Victoria added: “The aftercare was also exceptional and Bear is back to enjoying regular off the lead walks of five to six miles. I will continue to increase the length of walking in small increments and am looking forward to taking Bear on holiday in the Lake District once he is fully fit.” 

AMVS offers specialist care in anaesthesia and analgesia, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, emergency and critical care, feline hyperthyroid clinic, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, and soft tissue surgery.

For more information, visit or search for Anderson Mores Veterinary Specialists on social media. 

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