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Nap & Nest bedding

Nap & Nest bedding

Burgess Pet Care Adds New Product Line With Excel Nap & Nest

3 weeks ago

27th July, 2022 11h28

Burgess Pet Care

Family-owned Burgess Pet Care is delighted to announce the expansion of its well-established Excel range for small animals with the addition of a new product line: Nap & Nest luxury paper bedding.

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and small animals, Nap & Nest is made from unused off cuts of tea bags from the British tea market, which is naturally soft on little paws, completely safe and non-toxic.

Holly Ackroyd, Senior Brand Manager for Burgess Excel[1], said: “We are really excited to add a complementary new line to the Burgess Excel range. Whilst being a luxury bedding product, Nap & Nest also provides a cost-effective option to litter as it is easy to spot clean, which reduces waste and means that each bag lasts longer. It is available in a handy, resealable 750g bag that provides a large volume of bedding.”

Dr Suzanne Moyes, Veterinary Director at Burgess Pet Care, advised: -   “Your small animals’ housing should provide a separate sleeping area, away from their toilet area or litter tray. A cosy bedding is great for keeping pets warm and comfortable while they sleep and there are many options available on the market. Research has shown that fewer owners are choosing sawdust, which can irritate rabbits’ skin and lungs; paper-based bedding like Nap & Nest is highly absorbent, odour-free and environmentally friendly.”

Any retailers interested in stocking Excel Nap & Nest should contact

For more information on the Burgess Excel range for small animals, please visit

[1] 92% of vets recommend Burgess Excel Food

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