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Burns Pet Nutrition Respond To ITV’s This Morning On Misinformative Advice On Cutting Pet Food Costs

3 months ago

1st June, 2022 11h15

Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns Pet Nutrition, the leading healthy pet food company, have responded to a discussion broadcast on This Morning in May which saw Alice Beer offering advice on pet costs during the challenging financial climate.

In offering ways to save money for those who own a pet and are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, Alice irresponsibly deemed price to be the most important denominator when selecting pet food. Burns have called out this advice as reckless and implied that the show’s producers did not seem to understand the wider picture.

Alice explained that if the packaging carried the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association Logo (PFMA) the food would be complete and contain all the nutrients the dog needed and in the correct proportions. She recommended pet owners could confidently switch to a cheaper supermarket food and save £5 per month.

John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition responded to Alice Beer and This Morning by saying “The food doesn’t have to carry the PFMA logo to be complete.  It’s a legal requirement to state whether a pet food is complete or complementary; whether the manufacturer is a member of the PFMA is irrelevant to that.”

“Much more importantly however, the choice of pet food you decide on for your pet can have a huge bearing on their health and wellbeing. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of pet owners (and vets) know that not all pet foods are the same.  And not all dogs are the same.  Many health problems can be managed and avoided by choosing the correct food.  This may require trialing different foods to see what best suits the individual animal.”

“The quality and choice of ingredients is hugely important to the health and well-being of the pet. Many pet food manufacturers don’t even list ingredients by name but use vague descriptions such as ‘cereals, meat, and animal derivatives…’ rather than listing individual specific ingredients. This allows them to change recipes indiscriminately without having to change the packaging”.

The discussion seemed to be accusing the likes pet food manufacturers of taking advantage of the public with their prices, something which is incredibly offensive to these pet food brands. 

“Many pet owners will have watched this programme today and know from experience that Alice was talking nonsense; but many will be misled into following her irresponsible advice.”

Mr Burns also added: “For those owners looking to save money on their pet food, here’s my advice, the majority of UK pets are overweight or obese.  Many other health problems are caused by overfeeding.  Most pet owners could save money AND improve the health of their pet by reducing the amount of food and number of treats they give their pets…”

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