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Ceva Launches New ADAPTIL Packaging

9 months ago

29th November, 2021 07h45


Ceva Animal Health has launched eye-catching new packaging for its leading veterinary behaviour range, ADAPTIL.

The re-brand will build on the success of the FELIWAY Optimum packaging amongst cat owners and highlight ADAPTIL’s market-leading status while clearly educating dog owners on the benefits of each of the ADAPTIL products, which comfort dogs in stressful situations. Ceva has introduced pictures of dog owners to the packaging to emphasise the important human/animal bond and the special relationship between dogs and their owners which is highlighted with the ‘Better Together’ strapline.

The products will continue to be split into three colour-coded groups for ADAPTIL Calm, ADAPTIL Transportand ADAPTIL Junior to further demonstrate when and where each of the products should be used.

Abigail King, senior product manager for behaviour at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “ADAPTIL’s striking new packaging indicates the range’s market-leading status, while clearly educating dog owners on the benefits of each of the ADAPTIL products and the challenging situations in which they can be used.”

ADAPTIL is clinically proven to help comfort and reassure dogs during stressful situations with over 24 published clinical papers supporting its clinical benefits on dogs. ADAPTIL’s product range includes ADAPTILCalm Home Diffuser, ADAPTIL Calm On-the-Go Collar, ADAPTIL Transport and ADAPTIL Junior.

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