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CVO Update On Latest Situation On FMD Outbreak

15 years ago

6th August, 2007 00h00

Chief Veterinary Officer Debby Reynolds today set out latest progress on tackling the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Surrey. She stressed that the operation continued to focus on containment and eradication of the disease and that livestock keepers should continue to be vigilant and maintain high levels of biosecurity. Key points set out by Debby Reynolds include:Debby Reynolds said: “All of us share the same aim - to eradicate FMD and to minimise the impact on the countryside, farmers and rural communities. We will continue to do all that is necessary to achieve that. “In line with contingency planning arrangements, we have ordered vaccine production and for vaccination teams to move into the area, this is not an indication that a decision has been taken to vaccinate. It has not. “Production of vaccine will be carried out at the Merial laboratory, obviously we would not be doing this without careful consideration and assessment of the risks. Producing vaccine from antigen does not involve use of live virus. We are working very closely with the HSE and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate regarding any work at Merial, and they are satisfied that it does not affect their investigation.” Debby Reynolds also paid tribute to the large number of people who worked tirelessly since the outbreak was identified, including Animal Health, operational partners and key stakeholders. And she stressed that the countryside and footpaths remain open. Whilst some parks, safari parks and other wildlife centres have taken the decision to close or restrict access, neither Defra nor the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is advising that such action is necessary.

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