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Elanco Launches Ground Breaking Solution, Kexxtone, For Costly Production Disease In Dairy Cows

6 years ago

25th March, 2013 13h53


This month, in one of the biggest livestock product launches in its recent history, Elanco Animal Health brings to market an innovative solution - Kexxtone® - able to reduce the incidence of ketosis in dairy cows by 74%* following a single treatment.1 Kexxtone® is a targeted solution for any dairy cow or heifer that is expected to develop ketosis around the period of calving. It is administered as a bolus,and provides coverageduring the main risk period for the condition. Ketosis often goes undetected because the signs are not immediately apparent. However, it is a common condition, affecting around 30% of cows2 and has a negative impact upon cow health, fertility and milk production.

This new approach is likely to significantly expand the array of options open to vets actively involved in dairy herd health management. Kexxtone® comes with the benefit of a zero day milk and meat withdrawal3 and the formulation is based on monensin a molecule with a long history of beneficial use.

Its a good news story for the whole dairy industry: ketosis can result, on average, in milk losses of around 350-500 litres per cow4 per lactation. The cost of production losses and disease related consequential losses due to subclinical ketosis has been estimated at around 250-600 EUR per cow.5

Kexxtone® uses novel technology to allow a continuous and regular release of the active ingredient into the rumen which forms a gel when exposed to rumen fluid. This gel is progressively released into the rumen by a pressure sensitive spring in the Kexxtone® device. The active ingredient shifts the microbial balance in the rumen to produce more of the glucose precursor propionic acid, therefore increasing glucose delivery and ultimately increasing the energy available to the cow. This improvement in energy utilisation buffers dairy cows against the tendency to drop into negative energy balance during the transition period around calving and early lactation the major cause of ketosis.

Mike Steele, Technical Consultant at Elanco says, Kexxtone® offers an exciting opportunity in which everyone wins vets who can offer positive interventions able to make a big impact on the bottom line, are going to be increasingly integral to their farm clients herd health planning framework. Its no longer just about nutritional intervention and emergency salvage; its about being able to proactively easily measure the true herd prevalence of ketosis and where appropriate, take preventative targeted action to really make a difference.

Kexxtone® is available to order now from veterinary wholesalers for further information contact the Elanco Territory Manager or call Elanco Animal Health on 01256 353131.


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