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Healing With Horses

13 years ago

27th September, 2011 15h01

Photo from an Intuitive Horse session, showing woman touching a horse in a field Do you have specific issues you want to address? You may be looking for change in your life but don't know what, you may love being with animals, you may have a fear of horses. Maybe you are looking to unravel yourself a little further; maybe you are looking to experience something a bit different. You might not know why you want to come but just feel its right for you. Everyone can benefit from Intuitive Horse. Emma Colyer, owner of Intuitive Horse says, "It is always a challenge trying to describe Intuitive Horse. The reason for this, as our clients all agree, is that it is such a personal and deep experience that everyone's take on it is different. One thing is for sure, it's an experience you don't forget in hurry and one that can leave profound changes with you. At Intuitive Horse we aim to help both people and horses. The work we do is available to everyone. It can benefit absolutely anyone and no horse experience is necessary." Intuitive Horse are a small yard based in Ringmer, East Sussex, which is home to nine horses who live together in a herd, just as nature intended. The horses take it turns to work with the different people who visit. Intuitive Horse is about allowing a person to become self empowered through making and seeing their own decisions. We firmly believe we all have our own answers within us; sometimes we just need a little help finding them. Animals naturally accept us for who we really are and hold no judgement about us or our past. They can help people feel and experience this, find ways to accept who they are and in turn allow others to accept who they are. By working with a horse in this way, you begin to see the real you. You can't pretend to be someone you are not. The horse susses us out very quickly and through their behaviour towards us helps to give us an indication of where we are at in ourselves at that moment in time. They can help us become clear about certain patterns which may be presenting themselves to us and in finding different ways to move through them. We are all for helping people, but we never compromise our horses' state of being. These sessions are open to anyone. Give us a ring for a chat, check out our website for more info and if it feels right come and have an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

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