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Rabbit Head Tilt banner

Rabbit Head Tilt banner

Insight On Diagnosis And Treatment Of Rabbit Head Tilt Offered In Expert-led CPD Vet Webinar

4 weeks ago

19th March, 2024 18h19


HORIBA UK is to host an expert-led CPD accredited webinar to provide helpful insight on overcoming the challenges of head tilt and ‘spinning’ rabbits. For the latest in its free to access veterinary CPD webinar series, HORIBA has invited Dr Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS to discuss a range of approaches, diagnostic and treatment options for rabbits presenting with head tilt symptoms. “Tilts, Spins, and Tears: Approaches to head tilts in rabbits” is to be held on Wednesday, 10th April, 7.30-9pm, veterinary teams can find out more and register to attend for free at:

Despite being the third most popular mammalian pet in the UK, many veterinary staff feel underequipped when faced with rabbit patients. Head tilts and ‘spinning’ rabbits are a common presentation which can be difficult to diagnose and treat. This webinar aims to empower veterinary staff to: recognise the differential diagnosis list; how to achieve a diagnosis, or most likely diagnosis within a restricted budget; know available treatment options; and how to manage owners’ expectations.

Also known as wry neck or torticollis, head tilt is most commonly caused by inner ear infections or Encephalitozoon cuniculi (E. cuniculi), a microsporidian parasite that causes a range of symptoms including brain swelling. However, there are many other possible reasons that can affect a rabbit’s balance centre, including ear mites, trauma, neck abscesses, and other infections. Therefore, the webinar will provide useful support to both experienced practitioners and wider veterinary team members alike, helping them to understand the best questions and tests to consider to narrow down diagnoses, treatments and prognoses.

Dr Livingstone is well placed to deliver this expert insight on best practice with head tilt symptoms. With over 20 years in veterinary practice, and as Head Vet and Head of Exotics at Ark Veterinary Clinics Ltd, she speaks widely on exotic animal medicine and surgery. In addition, she delivers clinical exotic lectures and practicals at Glasgow Vet School where she is nominated vet surgeon for all exotic teaching animals. Dr Livingstone also holds a diploma in parrot behaviour, has been published on rabbits, reptiles, parrots, and ferrets, and is publishing in 2024 a textbook on rabbits and small exotic mammals.

A live Q&A session at the end of the webinar will give attendees the opportunity to put questions directly to Dr Livingstone. HORIBA’s Veterinary specialists will also be available to answer veterinary diagnostics-related questions. HORIBA offers a range of diagnostics solutions for clinical chemistry, inflammatory markers, blood gases, haematology, coagulation and a fully automated in-house PCR testing system. The POCKIT Central benchtop PCR analyser delivers fast testing for over 190 pathogens, including E.cuniculi.

For more information and free registration for HORIBA UK’s CPD veterinary webinar discussing, ‘Tilts, Spins, and Tears: Approaches to head tilts in rabbits’, please visit

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