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Kit Sturgess, MA; VetMB; PhD; CertVR; DSAM; CertVC; FRCVS

Kit Sturgess, MA; VetMB; PhD; CertVR; DSAM; CertVC; FRCVS

CPD Veterinary Webinar On Efficient Diagnosis Of Inflammatory Diseases

4 months ago

2nd February, 2023 13h24


HORIBA UK Veterinary is sponsoring a CPD veterinary webinar discussing “Diagnosis of inflammatory disease in cats and dogs – Getting the most from your practice laboratory?” For the latest in its popular CPD webinar series, HORIBA has invited RCVS recognised specialist in small animal medicine, Kit Sturgess, MA; VetMB; PhD; CertVR; DSAM; CertVC; FRCVS, to share his expertise on how best to rapidly assess disease severity in cats and dogs. To be held on Thursday 2nd March, 7.30-9pm, vets, nursing staff and students can find out more and register to attend for free at:

The ‘just unwell’ pet can present one of the biggest challenges, and vets will need to balance case management, prognosis and budget. This webinar aims to help in the decision ‘When to wait and when to worry’ by discussing how in-house laboratories can help to quickly and efficiently give direction at an affordable cost to the owner.

Dr Kit Sturgess is well placed to discuss best practice for inflammatory disease diagnoses in cats and dogs. He is an RCVS fellow, a specialist in small animal medicine and an advanced practitioner in veterinary cardiology. He has been seeing referral small animal medicine cases for over 25 years, both at university-based and private specialist practices. Dr Sturgess is also a member of the RCVS council, chairman of the Small Animal Medicine Society and sits on the BSAVA scientific committee. Maintaining a keen interest in many areas of internal medicine, he has authored numerous articles, two textbooks, as well as presenting lectures and research abstracts at conferences worldwide.

Using personal experience and case study examples, Dr Sturgess will delve into how the innovative use of adjunctive tests can support rapid clinical decision-making when triaging patients. As markers for inflammation, acute phase proteins such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum amyloid A can be invaluable in providing early guidance in case management. For example, Dr Sturgess will consider their practical application as tools to objectively assess if current signs are likely associated with inflammatory diseases, such as pancreatitis, or whether further investigation is required to determine cause of illness.

Dr Sturgess will also provide insight on the case of Ollie a 10-year-old German shorthaired pointer presenting as vaguely unwell with reduced appetite. Is this just a flare-up of his chronic osteoarthritis and likely to respond to pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment, or something else? The diagnostics applied and outcomes of Ollie’s case will be reviewed.

Attendees will have opportunity to ask veterinary diagnostics related questions in a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar. As a well-established provider of high quality in-house laboratory instruments, HORIBA’s Veterinary specialists will be available alongside Dr Sturgess to answer such questions on in-house diagnostics. HORIBA offers a range of vet diagnostics solutions for clinical chemistry, inflammatory markers, blood gases, haematology, and the first fully automated in-house PCR testing system.

For free registration and more information on HORIBA UK’s latest online CPD veterinary meeting on ‘Diagnosis of inflammatory disease in cats and dogs – Getting the most from your practice laboratory?’ presented by Dr Kit Sturgess, RCVS recognised veterinary specialist in small animal medicine, see:

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