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Ketofen 10% Is Back In Stock!

8 months ago

2nd December, 2021 14h29


Ceva Animal Health has announced that Ketofen 10%, its trusted non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for cattle, pigs and horses, is now back in stock and available from wholesalers.

Ketofen 10% solution for injection, which contains ketoprofen (100mg/ml), is licensed for the management of pain associated with lameness in cattle and is a great choice for farmers as it has a nil milk withhold and reaches maximum concentration within 30 minutes of intramuscular injection1, to rapidly improve welfare. Ketofen can be used for three consecutive days in cattle*, if required, ensuring that the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are maintained until other management strategies have taken effect.

In cattle, Ketofen is also licensed for acute clinical mastitis and to reduce the pyrexia and distress associated with bacterial respiratory disease in conjunction with appropriate antimicrobial therapy. Other indications are to reduce oedema of the udder associated with calving and for the support of post-calving paresis.

In pigs, Ketofen is indicated to reduce the pyrexia and respiratory rate associated with bacterial or viral respiratory disease and to support the treatment of Mastitis Metritis Agalactia Syndrome in sows, in conjunction with antimicrobial therapy for both indications. Ketofen is also licensed in horses to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and to alleviate the visceral pain associated with colic.

Peter Keyte, ruminant business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “Ketofen plays a central role in many practice protocols for the management of pain across a variety of species and is particularly popular amongst farm vets for the management of pain associated with lameness in cattle, so we are delighted that it is back in stock.”

Ceva is dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge around lameness in cattle and continues to work closely with practices providing bespoke training programmes, supporting farmer education and funding trials on a range of lameness topics with the ultimate aim of improving welfare.

For further information on Ketofen, practices should contact their Ceva account manager or phone Ceva’s head office on 01494 781510.


1. Ratndeep S. et al 2014. Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of ketoprofen after single dose intravenous and intramuscular administration in cattle. Wayamba J. Animal Sci. Vol 6: 820-823.

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