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The large stone that Jet ate

The large stone that Jet ate

Labrador Makes Speedy Recovery After Swallowing A Stone

1 year ago

3rd January, 2023 16h01


A seven-year-old Labrador named Jet has received life-saving surgery at a Vets4Pets practice in Cleveleys after swallowing a stone the size of a lime.

Owners Paul and Julie noticed Jet vomiting bile overnight, although he initially displayed no other symptoms. After increasing his food intake slightly, the vomiting continued, and it induced diarrhea.

They brought Jet to the expert care of Vets4Pets Cleveleys, where he was given anti-sickness medication and antibiotics, followed by blood tests and x-rays after showing no signs of improvement. The x-rays showed a large, round object in his stomach, which resulted in an emergency operation.

The hour-long procedure saw vets at the practice remove a stone, which measured approximately 5cm by 5cm, from Jet’s stomach and then repair the damage to his intestines. Over the following days, Jet was monitored carefully by the team and provided with supportive care.

After a couple of days, Jet was back to his usual self and ready to go home.

Martin Chamberlain, Veterinary Surgeon and Practice Owner at Vets4Pets Cleveleys said:“It’s really lucky that Jet’s owners spotted signs that he was unwell and brought him into the practice. It can be very difficult to know when a dog has swallowed something they shouldn’t, and unfortunately in Jet’s case the stone had shifted and become lodged in the stomach, meaning that without rapid intervention his condition was life-threatening.

“Cases like Jet’s make me feel extremely proud of the team. It's fantastic to be able to use our expertise to help pets quickly and easily.”

According to Martin, this is far from the strangest item the veterinary team has seen a dog eat, adding: “From cassette tapes to fishing tackle, and even a leopard print bra, the list is endless - we really have seen it all! If you’re worried your dog may have eaten something they shouldn’t and notice they are quieter than normal, groaning, have a gurgly tummy, are unable to keep down food or fluids or just generally giving causes for concern, we’d always recommend visiting your vet for advice.”

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