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Monty was very poorly after eating raisins but has recovered after intensive care at Village Vet.

Monty was very poorly after eating raisins but has recovered after intensive care at Village Vet.

Much-loved Labrador Cheats Death After Eating Raisins

5 months ago

7th February, 2024 09h55

Linnaeus Group

A Cambridgeshire vet practice has saved the life of a Labrador who had eaten raisins resulting in acute kidney injury. 

Three-year-old Monty was so poorly that he spent two weeks at Linnaeus-owned Village Vet in Milton near Cambridge where he received round the clock care.

Monty’s medical plight started just before Christmas when he snaffled the raisins unbeknown to his owner’s family, who were looking after him at the time. 

Some food items which are commonly eaten by people over the festive period are surprisingly associated with toxicity in dogs, with raisins high on the danger list. 

Monty soon started vomiting and this was when it was discovered he had eaten the dried grapes and he was rushed to Village Vet. 

Blood and urine tests, and imaging of his kidneys, revealed evidence of acute kidney injury due to the raisin ingestion, but despite medical therapy his kidney blood parameters severely deteriorated over the next 24 hours. 

Phil Myles, lead veterinary surgeon of Vet24 Cambridgeshire, Village Vet's out-of-hour's service, said: “Over the next few days, the vets combated Monty’s vomiting and nausea with fluid therapy and medications, and the nurses dedicated their time to encouraging Monty to eat. Monty’s beautiful temperament won over the hearts of all that cared for him.”

Gradually, Monty’s appetite returned and he became brighter and went home on day five, only to be readmitted the next day as his symptoms recurred and his blood tests showed worsening in his kidney parameters once again. 

Monty was hospitalised for a further nine days before eventually his kidney parameters had stabilised and Monty could be successfully sent home on Christmas Eve.

Monty’s grateful owner, James Parkin from St Neots, said: “We’re so grateful to have Monty back home with the family and for everything that Village Vet did. It was so heart warming to hear how Monty’s wonderful personality won him so many fans while he was cared for at the vet practice.” 

Phil added: “After two weeks of intensive care at our clinic, Monty went home on Christmas Eve and had a wonderful Christmas. He has since returned and his kidneys are working great.” 

For more information on Village Vet, which has six practices in the Cambridge area, visit:  

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