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Very hairy cat on the grooming table

Very hairy cat on the grooming table

National Shortage Of Cat Groomers Leads Industry Chiefs To Call For Action And Call For More FE Training

1 year ago

5th April, 2022 13h15

IPET Network

A national shortage of qualified cat groomers has led industry leaders to call for more dog grooming salons to add it to their business offer.

iPET Network recently launched the UK's first portfolio of Ofqual regulated cat grooming qualifications, and say that with a little training the skill could be a lucrative add-on for existing businesses.

Nationally since the start of the pandemic 3.2million households brought home a pet of some kind. And many feline coat types need regular maintenance to keep them from having welfare issues.

People looking to diversify their dog grooming business to offer a service for cats are being asked to consider doing just that, as a way to alleviate what industry leaders are saying could be a national animal welfare problem.

Fern Gresty, co-director the iPET Network which is based in Cheshire, said: "With more pets cats than ever in the UK due to a pandemic surge in pet ownership we are looking at a shortage in qualified cat groomers.

"This is bad for cats, as unlike dogs, many don't present at the groomers until they actually have a welfare issue such as matting. Owners assume that cats groom themselves and to a certain extent they do, but care must be taken to ensure that there is regular coat maintenance and that things don't get out of hand.

"There has never been a better time to consider expanding an existing grooming offer to include cat grooming, and our qualification are suited to first time groomers and experienced groomers alike."

As a result of the pandemic many people are considering a complete change of career and working with animals in a flexible way is an attractive option.

It is also fun, and there are lots of ways to excel in this exciting industry, be it taking part in competitions and events, to simply creating your own brand and watching it soar.

iPET Network co-director Sarah Mackay added: "Cats are very different to dogs in both physiology and temperament, so training is required, but the skill is a very rewarding addition to your grooming career and cats are not a scary as you think.

"For new starters too, knowing that you are joining a growth industry when starting your own business really is a winning formula, and what could be better than caring for beautiful cats as your day job!"

iPET Network has put together a definitive guide for anyone wishing to learn more about a career in cat grooming. 

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