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New From VetClick - Favourite Orders

19 years ago

15th June, 2005 00h00

We have introduced a new feature to our Veterinary Supplies service, called 'Favourite Orders'. This new feature allows you to save the orders you make on a regular basis as 'Favourite Orders', just before you checkout. This will allow you to reorder your regular produts quickly and easily by saving you the hassle of having to search for each item, then add it to your basket, then search again and add to your basket... and so on, every time you place an order. Now, all you have to do is login, click on the name of your saved favourite order, and proceed to the checkout. It couldn't be easier! Saving an order as a favourite order is quite simple. Add products to your basket as you would normally, then when you are finished, proceed to the checkout. At the checkout stage, you will be asked whether you'd like to save your order as a 'Favourite Order'. Click on the link if you wish to save your order as a favourite, enter a friendly name for your saved order, e.g. 'Fortnightly Order' or 'My Needles and Syringes Order' - click on the 'Add to Favourites' button, and your order will be saved as a favourite. You will then be returned to your checkout page where you continue as normal. Retreiving a saved 'Favourite Order' is easy. The next time you login to our Veterinary Supplies section, you will be presented with a list of your saved favourite orders. Just click on their link and your previously saved Favourite Order will remember the items you bought previously, automatically add them to your shopping cart - and allow you a speedy checkout. You can also access your saved favourite orders by clicking on the 'My Favourite Orders' link on the left of the page. You can edit the names of your saved favourite orders at any time, you can modify a saved order too if you like, if you find that you need more of one item the longer you use our service. You can delete a saved favourite order, if you no longer need it. You can save as many favourite orders as you like in your account, giving them friendly, easy to remember names like 'My Needles and Sutures Order' or 'My Fortnightly Supplies' etc. Click here to login now and give it a try

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