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Leadon Vale clinical director Rachel Mowbray

Leadon Vale clinical director Rachel Mowbray

New Leadon Vale Website Highlights Stem Cell Expertise

3 months ago

1st June, 2022 12h22

A Herefordshire Vets has launched a new bespoke website to highlight and showcase the benefits of stem cell treatment for animals. 

The Linnaeus-owned Leadon Vale Vets, in Ledbury, is offering the advanced treatment, which has been shown to help ease pain and disability in pets. 

Leadon Vale clinical director Rachel Mowbray is leading the service and says it can make a huge difference in the quality of life of sick and injured animals. 

Rachel explained: “At Leadon Vale, our team is passionate about quality of life for animals – not just through traditional veterinary care but also through regenerative therapy. 

“Injury, age and essential operations can all have an impact on mobility and also cause pain. Now, through stem cell therapy and a range of complementary treatments, we aim to restore the joy of movement for animals. 

“Over recent years, stem cell therapy has helped change the lives of many dogs and cats, with different conditions being improved through the advance of this field of science. 

“It’s can be successful where other traditional therapies have failed to restore quality of life.” 

Rachel is highly experienced in stem cell therapy which can help with degenerative joint disease, tendon and ligament injuries, hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis, fracture repair, osteochondral defects, spinal conditions and intervertebral disc disease. 

She says all pets have a thorough assessment before care begins to ensure the therapy is at its most effective. 

Rachel added: “An essential part of the treatment is the initial assessment, as there is often more than one area causing the symptoms and, clearly, treatment of all discovered issues will drastically improve the success of the procedure. 

“Diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays or ultrasound scans, are carried out and then we perform a stem cell harvest to acquire a small amount of fat from the patient. 

“This is taken to a specialist laboratory where the cells are cultured and multiplied before being transplanted into affected joints or tissues where they regenerate into healthy tissue. 

“Stem cell therapy provides an excellent alternative treatment that really can improve the quality of life of pets where more traditional therapies have failed. In many cases, the need for long term painkilling medications is reduced. 

“Osteoarthritic conditions can also respond very well to stem cell therapy with the treatment working to enable pets to be able to once again enjoy exercise while also reducing the need for painkilling medication.” 

For more information on Leadon Vale’s innovative stem cell therapy, visit the new website at

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