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Using the app in the field

Using the app in the field

New Suckler Herd Performance App From MSD Animal Health

1 year ago

12th October, 2022 12h42

MSD Animal Health

MSD Animal Health (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, N.J., USA (NYSE: MRK)) has launched a new App for veterinary professionals based on its popular, paper-based suckler herd performance checklist tool.

The practical new App works on tablet computers, as well as Apple and Android smartphones, facilitating the opportunity to easily e-mail audit results directly to farmer clients following an interactive on-farm assessment.

The MSD Animal Health Suckler Herd Performance Checklist helps the veterinary professional and farmer to work closely together to draw up a workable action plan to address the key areas influencing optimum herd health and performance.

“This useful new App builds on the successful launch of our dairy calf health checklist App in the summer.  This additional engagement tool helps a vet assess performance across the five crucial time periods and processes impacting on the efficiency of beef suckler herds (see figure 1),” said MSD Animal Health’s beef and youngstock marketing manager Robert Simpson.

“For example, reducing calf morbidity and mortality rates in a suckler herd starts with management practices before conception. Optimum performance also requires following proper management protocols throughout the youngstock period from birth to weaning, including effective colostrum administration, vaccination, nutrition and hygiene.”

Mr Simpson added that the new checklist also provides a tool to use during routine health planning, offering a thorough approach for looking at various aspects of animal health in depth. “It can also be used to provide confidence to vets who are less experienced with suckler herds, allowing them to follow a structured evidence-based approach when on farm,” he said.

Further details on these innovative new Apps and how to use the two different checklist-based tools to foster better engagement with farmers are available from MSD Animal Health account managers.

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