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Overhead view of hands in sterile gloves and veterinary instruments

Overhead view of hands in sterile gloves and veterinary instruments

OSCEs Are Now Running From VetSkill’s Head Office

7 months ago

1st August, 2023 23h26


VetSkill is pleased to have opened new premises in Huntingdon earlier this year, with a dedicated clinical area consisting of a separate radiography suite. The assessment area is bright and spacious and allows us to facilitate a range of practical assessments. 

The premises will be used to host Veterinary Nursing OSCE examinations across the year, with its centrally located position and excellent transport links. 

An OSCE is an Objective Structured Clinical Examination designed to test clinical performance and competence in skills deemed essential for a day-one competent Veterinary Nurse.

Emma Du Beke, Qualifications Officer, enthuses:

"It has been my pleasure to lead the Practical Examinations team in designing and developing our OSCE set-up at our new office, which offers our learners a clinical setting where day-one skills can be simulated using equipment and tasks relevant to current practice."

VetSkill wants to ensure our learners receive a valid, reliable and fair assessment of their practical skills. We provide a standardised approach maintained across all of our venues to guarantee our learners receive the same outcome regardless of which venue they attend and which assessor observes them.

The facilities will also allow us to trial new tasks and practical’s, and provide a venue in a central location for the training and standardisation of clinical assessors and OSCE examiners. 

VetSkill is an awarding organisation and end-point assessment provider offering a range of qualifications and services for centres and training providers across the UK. 

You can find out more about what we offer here or email us at [email protected] to enquire about delivering our qualifications. 

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