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Pets Help People Stress Down

13 years ago

28th July, 2009 00h00

With Lifeline’s ‘Stress Down Day’ coming up on the 24 July, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is encouraging people to remember how important pets are in keeping us healthy and happy. “Pets are good for us,” Dr Mark Lawrie, AVA President said. “Research shows that people who own pets are healthier and happier as they provide a sense of well being and allow people to feel like part of their community. “Dogs in particular will give you a joyous welcome when you arrive home from work or from a day out. “Their affection can be boundless. And, they don’t really care if you’ve missed deadlines or have had a bad day at the office. They don’t even care if you forget their birthday. “They offer love, companionship, and a non-judgemental ear, all for a bit of food and attention. “There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend,” Dr Lawrie said. “One of the recommendations for people to reduce stress is to take up regular exercise, and what better motivation to work out than walking your devoted companion every day? “Recent research suggests walking your pet in your neighbourhood gives you a strong appreciation of your environment and gets you out talking to others who are doing the same thing. “And, while you might not want to wear Lifeline’s Stress Down Day slippers when you are out walking your dog, there’d be nothing nicer than slipping into them when you and your dog return home. “With some quality time and patience, you may even be able to teach your dog to fetch them for you!” For more information about ‘Stress Down Day’ visit

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