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RCVS Academy Publishes New Course To Enhance Training For Student Vet Nurse Clinical Supervisors

4 weeks ago

6th September, 2022 14h57


The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Academy, a free, digital learning platform for the veterinary professions, has launched a new course to help veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons develop the skills they need to support and supervise student veterinary nurses (SVNs).

The Clinical Supervisor course, available from 6 September 2022, will enhance the ability of vet nurses and vets to guide their SVNs in developing the professional behaviours and Day One Skills they need to join the Register. The course is designed to complement and enhance any existing training that a VN or vet who is a Clinical Supervisor has received from the college or university for which they are supervising the SVN.

RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing Julie Dugmore, and her team have played a critical part in developing the content for the course. She said: “This course will help you undertake your role as a coach and assessor, ensuring your student has achieved the RCVS requirements by the time they have completed the practical elements of their training.

“It comprises modules that include the role and functions of a Clinical Supervisor, the types of professional behaviours SVNs need to develop and understanding of the Day One Skills in which they need to become competent. In addition, it will enhance the training Clinical Supervisors will receive from the relevant educational institution by promoting understanding of the RCVS requirements.”

The course can be accessed for free from the RCVS Academy (using the ‘My Account’ login details), where other courses on topics such as CPD, ownership disputes, client communication and VetGDP Adviser training can also be found.

Academy courses and short modules are developed by the RCVS and offer the ability to plan and track your learning. QR codes and direct links make it simple to record and reflect on learning in the RCVS 1CPD platform. Anyone with questions about the Academy or suggestions for improvements can contact

The full details of the RCVS Day One Competences, Skills and Professional Behaviours for Veterinary Nurses can be found at

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