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Record Numbers Of Vets In Equine Dentistry Training

16 years ago

29th September, 2006 00h00

Figures released today by Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) confirm that a record number of veterinarians throughout Australia have completed an intensive postgraduate course in equine dentistry. Dr Barry Smyth, President of the EVA (a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association), said that more than 200 Australian vets had completed a comprehensive, specialised postgraduate course in equine dentistry. The Equine Veterinary Dental Services Workshop is an intensive five-day course covering all aspects of equine dentistry run by Dr Oliver Liyou from Equine Veterinary Dental Services of Grafton and Dr Gary Wilson from the University of Queensland. “This course offers vets advanced training in specific equine dental procedures, coupled with the five years of undergraduate study undertaken by veterinarians at university, has greatly improved the capacity of vets to deliver the very best dental care and treatment to horses. No other group practicing equine dental services can demonstrate this level of expertise and qualifications. The five-day course offered by Dr Liyou and Dr Wilson offers a comprehensive range of topics all exclusively relevant to horses and the diagnosis and treatment of equine dental conditions. The course is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that the latest dental techniques and procedures are adopted. “The EVA has a strong commitment to furthering the training and qualifications of vets to ensure those wishing to undertake dental work on horses are highly skilled and experienced practitioners,” Dr Smyth said. “Equine dentistry has always been an integral part of veterinary medicine and surgery. It requires specialised knowledge to diagnose and treat dental problems. No other animal species in NSW is permitted to have any dental work undertaken by non veterinarians. There is a good reason for this. Welfare concerns are paramount and it is important that professionals are appropriately trained, insured and regulated to ensure expert care and attention.”

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