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The Bella Moss Foundation Is Launching A New Website Called

13 years ago

22nd March, 2011 14h45

Screenshot from BMF is a UK not for profit charity that relies solely on donations to help save lives of people and pets with bacterial infections. Most infections can be prevented with knowledge about transfer and better hygiene. BMF was started by actress Jill Moss in 2004 following her beloved dog Bella’s death to MRSA. Bella was the first recorded dog to die of the human strain of MRSA, since then hundreds of animals lives have been affected by MRSA and other bugs transferred from humans to animals. BMF collaborates with leading veterinary and medical practioners worldwide to update the website on research, and we support people and pets with serious infections. BMF is the only charity that addresses the issues of how infections are transferred between humans and animals. Now thanks to an amazing opportunity BMF have the chance to offer people a website where they can download a digital CD of popular music donated by 17 bands in the USA. Bands for Bella the new website has been the initiative of recording production team Robbie Konikoff and Jeff Schaller from audio magic recoding studios in Buffalo New York, USA. This wonderful gift from all of the people who have contributed means the foundation can now bring pleasure as well as information to people’s lives. Robbie Konikoff, owner of Audiomagic Studios, sadly lost his companion dog, Tiny, to MRSA in 2010. . Robbie said, ‘‘Music is the medicine of the breaking heart, and when I lost my dog to MRSA music helped me to regain my balance in life; music, and an email from the Bella Moss Foundation. I was immediately touched by Jill's compassion, kindness, and understanding, and began to learn about the work of the Bella Moss Foundation and its goals and accomplishments. The past six months I have witnessed a warrior; a courageous woman totally focused on the prevention of MRSA and other resistant bacteria who is working to save thousands of our pets along the way. Many of my musician friends in Buffalo, New York, said they would like to help. The result is Bands for Bella, Volume 1, which achieves a coming-together of Western New York's music community to show support for the Bella Moss Foundation incredible work. The seventeen artists and bands that have contributed are united in their efforts to aid BMF. Jill Moss President of BMF “I cant express my gratitude to Robbie. It is a real honour for The Foundation to receive this generous gift from such talented people. We know this will greatly help in our efforts to raise funds and awareness around the world. We urge everyone to let their families and friends know about and help us to help animals who suffer from resistant bacterial infections. Dr Scott Weese DVM DVSc DipACVIM, University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College, Canada “Much as MRSA has emerged as a tremendous problem in human medicine, it is having a significant impact on animals. This impact can be wise ranging, including the obvious impacts of animal illness and death, as well as public heath concerns and impacts on the positive relationship that people have with their pets. While MRSA will not be eradicated and the risks can never be eliminated, efforts of the Bella Moss Foundation are helping veterinarians and pet owners like, through education and support” Visit for more on the Bella Moss Foundation and how the charity started and advice. Visit and take a tour of veterinary good and bad practice and learn how to avoid your pet becoming infected. – New website for downloading music

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