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Pawable pack shot

Pawable pack shot

The First Ever Collagen Supplement For Dogs Has Been Launched By Pawable

3 weeks ago

18th November, 2022 19h30


Following the success of human sister brand SoBodyCo, Pawable has created a brand new 'Collar-gen' supplement which acts as a youth promoting protein, helping to prevent joint, skin and digestive issues. 

The product received a soft launch in the summer, and already the company is receiving rave reviews from pet owners who have seen a difference in their pet. 

And now the product is coming to market, with high hopes that it could be the next big thing for pet care. 

Dale Nash, Product Development Manager at Pawable, said: "For me it is all about prevention and stopping issues arising in the first place. 

"Collagen really is the protein that brings everything together. From clicking joints to skin hair and nails it really is a wonder product, and we are delighted to have created a supplement that works for dogs too. 

"As a protein collagen builds cells, and keeps them happy and healthily expressing the correct genetic codes. Mobility is key, and adding this supplement helps prevent osteoarthritis and other types of inflammation which affects dogs so frequently. 

"This product prevents dogs from developing arthritis, but also helps to alleviate and soothe existing conditions." 

The Pawable product is a powdered supplement given in the pet's meal once a day. 

It contains five different types of hydrolysed collagen, which offer a whole array of support due to the breadth of sources available. 

Dale added: "We get a lot of great reviews, the highlight of my Monday morning is reading through the reviews. We get a real mix. People say that their dog wasn't walking very well and now their dog is jumping on the sofa! 

"But we also get the side where people have got the product for skin and coat benefits, this helps with allergies and digestive health too." 

Pawable has already attracted the attention of Anna Webb, canine expert and presenter of the A Dog's Life podcast, who has been giving the product to her dogs Prudence and Mr Binks, and cat Gremlin. 

Anna said: "Collagen is not a marketing fad. It is the most abundant protein for us and that is the same for dogs, but as time goes on we all lose that. 

"We can rebuild that by taking supplements. That is why I feed 'Collar-gen' by Pawable."

She added: " As a nutritionist I am very concerned about the processing of everything, and potency is really important. 

"People spend a lot of money on so-called wonder products which really don't work. But this is different and it is easy and satisfying to see the results in your pets." 

The product is available from