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UK’s Largest Dog Charity Urges Prime Minister To Put A Stop To Mutilated Dogs Being Imported Into The UK

4 months ago

2nd February, 2023 16h27

Dogs Trust

The UK’s largest canine charity, Dogs Trust, is making a direct appeal to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to make good on Conservative election promises and progress with vital legislation that will help put an end to dogs being imported into the country with mutilations that would be illegal to carry out in the UK, such as cropped ears. It is calling on the dog-loving public to email the Prime Minister and make their feelings clear.

Ear cropping is a painful, cruel procedure, an unnecessary practice that can have detrimental effects on dogs’ health, behaviour and welfare, leaving them unable to communicate properly, as dogs use their ears to express their emotions.

Although it is illegal to crop a dog’s ears in the UK and EU countries, it is not illegal to sell or import dogs with cropped ears; a serious loophole in the legislation, which is being exploited by criminals to enable them to continue to sell maimed dogs.

A recent study concluded that many dogs with cropped ears are imported*, most commonly from countries where cropping is also illegal including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland and Ireland. However, we also know that many others are cropped illegally in the UK.

The Kept Animals Bill, which has not progressed through Parliament since November 2021, would prevent mutilated dogs from entering the UK, thereby restricting demand and acquisition of dogs with cropped ears. The Bill also includes measures to crack down on the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppies.

In the face of the Government’s ongoing failure to enact the promise it made to a nation of dog lovers in the Conservative Party’s 2019 Manifesto, with a commitment to tackle the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppies, Dogs Trust has now stepped in to take direct action, setting up a page where people can sign and send an email directly to the Prime Minister, after previous efforts to engage the government have fallen on deaf ears.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden, says:

“The Kept Animals Bill would help to protect countless dogs from horrific mistreatment and has widespread public support and MP backing. So why, Prime Minister, has it not progressed since November 2021? 

“While the Government delays, countless dogs, including imported dogs with cropped ears and illegally smuggled puppies and heavily pregnant mums, continue to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous traders. We’ve waited long enough. 

“We’re asking our dog-loving nation to stand with us. Email the Prime Minister today - and demand that his Government delivers on its manifesto commitment to end the needless suffering of puppies and dogs.

“Stop the suffering. Bring back the Bill.”

People who want to support Dogs Trust’s efforts to stop people selling or importing dogs with cruel mutilations like cropped ears can email the Prime Minister here.

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