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Happy: Vet Antony Bada feels valued and cared for at VetPartners

Happy: Vet Antony Bada feels valued and cared for at VetPartners

Vet Antony's Career Is Thriving At VetPartners

7 months ago

28th October, 2021 12h32


With support from VetPartners, Haven Vets clinical director Antony Bada’s career is thriving.

Here, Antony talks about how VetPartners has helped him to become the vet he always wanted to be.

MY career journey over the last five years has been incredibly exciting and rewarding.

With the backing and support of VetPartners, I have achieved many of my career goals and been encouraged to become the vet I always wanted to be.

Two years ago, I was promoted to clinical director at Haven Vets in Hull, I have completed certificates in ophthalmology and, more recently, in small animal surgery to help grow my knowledge and experience, as well as help our practice deliver the best possible care to its patients.

To many people, stepping up to manage a large mixed practice would be quite daunting, but, for me, it has been so fulfilling  because I’ve been able to rely on the backing and support of VetPartners on every step of the journey.

From dogs to dragons (bearded or otherwise), guinea pigs to hogs, cats to cows, and almost everything in between, Haven Vets is one of the largest mixed practices in the north of England.

I’ve worked here since 2011 and seen it go from an independent practice to joining VetPartners, where we are part of a family of some of the most respected and trusted practices in the UK.

Becoming part of a larger group has really helped us to thrive, both as individuals but also as a practice.

I was always interested in a leadership role and was promoted to senior vet shortly after joining Haven Vets. VetPartners takes great pride and care in developing people within the company and I was promoted to clinical director after Haven Vets became part of the group.

It is a challenging and demanding role with great responsibility and expectations, but that has never daunted me because of the support I’ve had from VetPartners.

Nobody is born a clinical director. I was lacking experience, but VetPartners guided me, trained me and equipped me to grow into the role because they care for people as much as pets and want to develop people.

As a vet, I needed support on the business aspects of running a practice and VetPartners runs management courses to help you to learn financial skills, running a practice, managing people and managing clients.

They helped me to see the bigger picture of practice life.

There are huge advantages to being part of a larger group of practices. There is an excellent network of like-minded people who have exactly the same challenges as you and we can speak to each other, exchange ideas and work through those challenges.

If anything was overwhelming for me in the early days as a clinical director, my business development director was on hand for advice and support.

Through the training, I’ve expanded my knowledge and learned so much.

VetPartners also actively encourages people to develop their veterinary career and to gain extra knowledge by studying for certificates.

We have vets here who are studying for certificates that are funded by VetPartners. There is a culture of encouraging team members to be the best they can be and strive for success.

It is important that vets feel supported in their development and it is important people feel happy and fulfilled in their career.

One of the things I particularly love about VetPartners is that everyone is treated fairly and equally. There is a culture of warmth and belonging, regardless of background, ethnicity, race, sex or religion. Being safe, secured and supported enables people to thrive – and to succeed.

Antony Bada joined Haven Vets in 2011 after graduating in Poland in 2007.  He enjoys soft tissue surgery, cardiology and veterinary ophthalmology. Antony is the lead vet at their practice in Holderness Road in Hull. He achieved a General Practitioner certificate in Ophthalmology awarded by the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ESVPS) in 2014 after two years of studying.

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