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The support service was launched to vets in 2022

The support service was launched to vets in 2022

Vet Oracle Teleneurology Specialists Support Their 100th Patient

3 weeks ago

26th June, 2024 12h41


CVS’ Vet Oracle Teleneurology service is celebrating its 100th case, since the unique support service was launched to vets within the group’s practices in 2022.  

Vet Oracle is a virtual hospital providing a digital teleservice for general practice veterinary professionals, in the areas of cardiology, dermatology, dentistry, medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology and radiology. Across the disciplines, it covers small animal, equine and farm practice. 

The service is led by veterinary Specialists and referral clinicians, who provide Specialist interpretations and clinical advice in their respective disciplines to vets working on cases presented within first opinion practices.

This collaboration regularly means that vets are empowered and supported to look after their patient in their own practice, allowing them to offer more options and the best possible care to owners and pets whatever their individual situation may be. CVS vets can learn from CVS Specialists on the job whilst diagnosing and treating a ‘live’ case. 

A recent survey by Vet Oracle identified that its support service positively contributes to the wellbeing and job satisfaction of 83% of vets who have used its digital teleservice and responded to the survey. 

Sophie Keyte, Clinical Lead of Vet Oracle said: “Our purpose is to support general practice vets in providing the best care to their patients. We have a team of 35 Specialists who are experts in their veterinary field and who can offer specific advice on cases that our first opinion vets see. This provides an extra layer of support for our vets, so that they are never alone in dealing with a case and so that they can grow their knowledge and experience right there in their own practice.” 

CVS first opinion vets, based in the UK, can receive continuous professional development (CPD) certification for advice received from Vet Oracle during a case. For paid for services (dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology), vets can also consider using their CPD budget to cover the cost of Vet Oracle’s advice on a case.

Vet Oracle employs a large and highly talented team of specialists and diplomates over an extensive range of disciplines to run its Telecardiology, Teledentistry, Teledermatology, Telemedicine, Teleneurology, Teleoncology, Teleophthalmology and Teleradiology services. Many are internationally renowned for their research and development and for the cutting edge services they offer. They work collaboratively to share advancements and treatments within the wider veterinary community to ensure the highest quality care if offered every time.

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