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Vet Suicides Exceed UK Average: How Counselling Can Help

15 years ago

17th March, 2007 00h00

According to recent research, the suicide rate among vets is nearly four times the national average and double that of doctors or dentists. Findings published in the British Veterinary Association's (BVA) journal suggest that lethal injections are the most common method of suicide. Speaking about the possible reasons for suicide among vets, Professor Richard Halliwell, of the BVA, said: "You're dealing not only with life and death of animals, but you're dealing with people who either have significant commercial or financial involvement with those animals or, alternatively, are very emotionally attached to them. So you have a dual problem of coping with the animals and coping with the people, which can be very stressful." However, seeking professional counselling can often make stressful situations seem far less bleak. Counselling is designed to help a person discover healthy ways to understand and respond to emotional needs and concerns. It provides a safe environment where a person can discuss concerns within a confidential and supportive environment. The fact that counsellors are removed from the immediate situation being discussed, means that they can often provide a helpful, outside perspective. There are many ways that professional counselling can benefit a person. Counselling can be a way for someone to better understand and resolve an immediate issue. It can also help explore longstanding problems which are ostensibly unrelated to the immediate issue. Moreover, counselling can help to clarify and prioritise emotional needs that may have taken a back seat to other needs and responsibilities. The following are some of the ways that counselling can help:Professional counselling helps a person to feel gradual relief from emotional distress, to develop more self-assurance, to have a greater ability to make decisions, and to experience an increased comfort in relationships with others. For further information on counselling, please contact Pinnacle Proactive: T. 0870 446 4375 W.

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