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Veterinary Thermal Imaging Is Now In Kent And Sussex

12 years ago

7th February, 2012 16h00

Photo of Gemma and a horse in a field Gemma Porter-Rawlings is the latest thermographer to join Veterinary Thermal Imaging (VTI), the UK’s largest all species thermography service. “We’re delighted that Gemma has joined the VTI team,” says Helen Morrell, Managing Director for Veterinary Thermal Imaging. “Gemma brings a wealth of experience for a range of animals, especially horses and dogs. Her experience with these animals is a great asset, but as a VTI thermographer, Gemma’s training has provided her with the necessary tools and knowledge to offer a first class service to all species.” Gemma is an award winning BHS (British Horse Society) Instructor. She’s also a qualified equine sports massage therapist and has two Hungarian Vizsla dogs who compete in agility competitions and showing. “I was looking for a new challenge after completing my BHSI and came across Veterinary Thermal Imaging. It seemed the perfect way to combine my extensive experience with animals, with learning a new skill. “Thermal Imaging is a fantastic management tool for performance horses and other animals, picking up any potential problems before they become an issue. I have already seen a case where a drop in performance in a horse was caused by a muscle spasm in the quarters. After correct treatment and a temporary change in the training programme the horse was back to his winning ways in no time. I am really looking forward to helping more riders get the very best from their horses,” says Gemma. “Thermography is becoming popular diagnostic and management tool,” says Helen. “Our equipment means we can scan animals without the need for sedation, and any scans can be carried out in the client’s home. Our cameras look for minute heat changes associated with underlying problems, and they are around 40 times more sensitive than the human hand.” In the equestrian sector, Thermal Imaging can be used for a variety of reasons, including pre purchase examinations, to work alongside more traditional diagnostic tools such as x-rays, to assess the impact a treatment or exercise regime is having, and to help saddle fit. Thermal Imaging can show an area of interest up to three weeks before the horse shows signs of lameness, making it a very useful tool for performance horses. “Thermal Imaging doesn’t diagnose a problem,” says Helen, “it simply takes an image of what’s going on which can be used to pinpoint the position of a problem and the likely cause. These images are then compiled into a report and this is sent to the animal’s vet, and any other professional working with the animal so that they can quickly form a diagnosis and commence treatment.” Thermography is a non invasive, safe service that in entirely portable meaning that the thermographer can visit your home, yard or livery stables, and there’s no need to transport or sedate the animal. With a wireless camera no larger than a camcorder, the thermographer captures the images needed before taking them away and compiling a report. It’s also a very affordable service, with prices starting from just £30 plus travel. For more information about VTI, go to and for additional details regarding franchise opportunities visit

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