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Vets And Nurses Rate High Fibre As The Most Important Factor In Making A Recommendation For Rabbit Or Guinea Pig Food

13 years ago

30th September, 2011 18h32

A survey of vets and nurses attending a lunch and learn webinar sponsored by Supreme Petfoods has revealed that they rate high fibre as the most important factor in making a recommendation for rabbit or guinea pig food. High fibre was the top factor for 53 per cent of respondents and rated as being much more important than monocomponent kibbles (27 per cent), or a recommendation by an exotics expert (18 per cent). Supreme has addressed this concern by increasing the fibre content of their Science Selective Rabbit food to 23 per cent fibre – the highest of any concentrate for small furries in the UK. The new VetCarePlus range, based on the innovative monoforage® technology developed by the company, contains up to 34 per cent fibre. Fibre is vital for small furries, playing an active role in gastro intestinal health, dental health, weight management and behavioural factors. The survey also revealed that vets and nurses are feeling optimistic about the impact of small furries on veterinary practice. A massive 70 per cent of respondents felt that, even in the face of the recent recession, small furries/exotics had made a growing contribution to their business profits over the last five years and 90 per cent felt that there was potential for them to make an even bigger contribution to practice profits in the future. The biggest barrier to more small pets being brought forward for treatment was felt to be the cost of treatment relative to the cost of the pet – 55 per cent felt that this was the most significant stumbling block – but another 45 per cent felt that lack of education and an inability to recognise illness were the main factors. Supreme’s Marketing Manager Claire Hamblion has recently launched a trial programme in a limited number of practices to provide the tools needed to help grow the small pets sector, “Our experience to date indicates that having the right tools and providing a warm welcome to owners of small furries that projects a willingness to treat them, can make a difference. We would love to hear more from those who have successfully grown this part of their business and those who are looking to expand their capabilities in this exciting area.” Interested parties, or those who would like to pre-register for the further roll out of Supreme’s business programme can send an email with their contact details to [email protected]. The company has also been delighted by the positive response to the lunch and learn webinar format and more events are being scheduled for the winter months. Those interested in attending future events, or receiving educational material, can register their interest by email at [email protected] to receive priority notification of dates and availability. * A survey of 246 vets and nurses and students attending a lunch and learn webinar on 15th September 2011

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