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Vets Urged To THINK TWICE This Dry Eye Awareness Month

1 year ago

25th June, 2019 09h36

Bayer HealthCare

Ocular conditions account for around one in ten canine consultations in first opinion practices1 and in the lead up to Dry Eye Awareness Month, Bayer are asking vets to think twice about their approach to Dry Eye management.

In the case of KCS, early diagnosis and treatment can have a significant impact on prognosis, but unfortunately, 46% of dog owners are not aware of the risks.2 Some KCS cases may present with quite mild clinical signs, particularly in the early stages of the disease, so veterinary ophthalmologists are emphasising the need to consider testing for this regularly, particularly in high-risk breeds.

Chris Dixon, director at Veterinary Vision Ophthalmic Referrals, said: “KCS cases often present with subtle clinical signs that may not be obvious from initial observations and a Schirmer Tear Test is needed to detect them. Unless vets are actively discussing the condition with owners, and performing these tests on a regular basis, there is a risk that some affected dogs could remain untreated, as the condition slowly worsens.”

Dry Eye Awareness Month, supported by Remend™, provides a platform for vets to highlight the importance of owner awareness and education to facilitate earlier diagnosis and ensure effective long-term management of the condition using cyclosporin, with the addition of tear supplements. 

Unlike many tear supplements, which require more frequent  application, Remend™ is effective with twice-daily administration, which, as well as helping to keep the patient’s eye comfortable, can aid owner compliance. Remend™ is the only dry eye lubricant to utilise cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA), which provides long lasting moisture and lubrication to the eyes, helping keep eyes comfortable with fewer applications needed.

Chris Dixon continues: “In the majority of cases, lifelong therapy is needed, with both cyclosporine treatment and also long-term tear supplementation. Client education is a key part of successful disease management. When it comes to tear replacement therapy, many owners don’t have the time to administer drops throughout the day, and considering tear supplements that need less frequent application can be useful to aid owner compliance.”

As a veterinary product, Remend™ is indicated for use in dogs and efficacy data exists for its use in KCS cases. In a study of 25 dogs with KCS, Remend™ Dry Eye Lubricant Drops twice daily significantly improved the characteristic signs of KCS, with a reduced dosing schedule compared to other tear supplements.3

To assist vets in brushing up on their KCS knowledge and gain up-to 45 minutes free CPD, Bayer have produced bite-sized ‘Remend™ Ophthalmology CPD Vet training webinars’ featuring veterinary ophthalmologist Chris Dixon, which provide practical guidance of key aspects of a canine ophthalmic examination. Vets can access the CPD videos via the Bayer Vet Centre:

Bayer have also produce a Dry Eye Awareness Month Practice Pack, which provides educational waiting room materials to get Dry Eye on the agenda this July.

Veterinary practices can request their pack by contacting their Bayer Veterinary Business Manager or requesting a rep visit at

To learn more about Remend™, visit:

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