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Virbac Shows Ongoing Commitment To Responsible Worming With New EquimaxR Display Packaging

7 months ago

11th June, 2018 21h36

Virbac Animal Health

Virbac are pleased to announce that the 3DWorming logo has now been added to the display packaging of their leading equine wormer brand Equimax®.

The innovative 3DWorming approach to equine parasite control is a valuable resource for both horse owners and SQP’s, encouraging responsible and sustainable worming practices. The new packaging design reflects Virbac’s ongoing commitment to supporting the education of both consumers and SQP’s.

‘All members of the equine community have a responsibility to do everything they can to sustain the efficacy of the currently available drugs, by using them responsibly’ said Dr Rosie Naylor, Equine Technical Product Manager, Virbac UK. ‘There are a number of things that can be done to minimise the need to use worming products and maintain their efficacy for future years. We hope that the new display packaging will offer retailers an additional opportunity to discuss the 3D’s of worming, Direction, Dose and Delivery, with horse owners’.

Equimax® is the ideal choice for strategic Autumn worming, treating roundworms, bots and all 3 species of tapeworm in a single dose. To make worming stress-free and avoid the risk of underdosing, Equimax® is available in an easy to handle ergonomic syringe to treat up to 700 kg bodyweight and as Equimax® Tabs (the innovative palatable worming tablets) to treat up to 800kg bodyweight.

Find out more about how 3DWorming can help you to offer a comprehensive worming approach to your customers at

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