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What Is World Antibiotic Awareness Week? New Bella Moss Animation Film Shows Why We Should Care

3 weeks ago

18th November, 2022 11h00

The Bella Moss Foundation

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) takes place from 18-24 November 2022 with the very important theme ‘Preventing antimicrobial resistance together’.

The Bella Moss Foundation, with the assistance of its clinical and research experts, continues to support the development of greater understanding and knowledge of the health issues that cross the human/animal boundary and supports any governmental effort to fundamentally change the way antibiotics are used. 

Working with animal health industry association NOAH, Bella Moss Foundation has contributed a new animation film for pet owners called ‘Proper use of antibiotics in pets. The film is aimed at educating pet owners on using antibiotics safely for their pets and for their family.

Bella Moss Foundation is collaborating with Antibiotics Amnesty and ‘Antibiotic Guardian’ campaigns combining our message with human health organisations and encouraging the public to not share antibiotics with others and dispose of antibiotics carefully. 

Mr Christopher Laurence OBE QVRM TD BVSc FRVS

Bella Moss Foundation Trustee 

“The COVID pandemic has taught us how easy infectious diseases can spread worldwide and with such devastating consequences. Had that been a bacterial infection, antimicrobial resistance could have been an incredibly significant factor in our ability to control the disease’s spread. We should learn the lesson and ensure that we all do all we can to reduce resistance and proper use of antibiotics is a critical element of doing so. Proper disposal of unused drugs is a vital part of proper use so the amnesty to encourage responsible destruction of unused antibiotics is an excellent way of getting the message home to the public”

Dr Tim Nuttall BSc BVSc CertVD PhD cbiol MSB MRCVS senior lecturer in Dermatology of the University of Edinburgh

Bella Moss Foundation Clinical Adviser 

“The development of antibiotic resistance was inevitable as antibiotic resistance genes are widespread in nature. Antibiotics favour the survival of bacteria carrying resistance genes, allowing them to spread. It is important to realise that humans and companion animals, such as dogs and horses, are often in close contact and bacteria can be transferred in both directions. We also use similar (if not the same) antibiotics. Therefore, the one -health initiative recognises that veterinary and medical healthcare are intimately related, and progress needs cooperation. We all have a role in preserving the efficacy of antibiotics for the future. Medical professionals and vets need to reduce, refine, and replace their antibiotic use. This ensures that they are only used in patients that need them. Medical patients and animal owners can help by reducing the demand for antibiotics, accepting other treatments for themselves and their pets, and, when antibiotics are necessary, making sure that the instructions are followed and that the course is completed”

Dawn Howard, Chief Executive, NOAH

“Collaboration is key to changing behaviour. NOAH is very pleased to support the new Bella Moss Foundation animation film called ‘proper use of antibiotics for pets’ and we look forward to helping to share its important One Health messages. With its call to become an Antibiotic Guardian by using antibiotics responsibly, this video will build on the success of our previous collaboration, with Bella Moss, ‘Beat the Bugs’.

“NOAH also supports the Antibiotic Amnesty Initiative taking place this month: an important part of responsible use is taking actions to help reduce the risk of environmental contamination.”

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