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Assessing Your Horse's Weight, Best Practice On A Dairy Farm And Reception Staff, The Key To Business Success

13 years ago

29th January, 2009 00h00

The latest additions to VETS.TV - the new web TV service hosted by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) at - include a video that takes a fresh look at your reception team, the hub of your practice and the key to your business success, a series of videos offering best practice advice on milking, feeding, stock handling and health issues on a dairy farm, identification of the bulling cow and, from World Horse Welfare, the film Is Your Horse the Right Weight’? The video tip from Veterinary Business Briefing will enable you to take a new look at your reception team and refresh your ideas about their importance while the series of videos from The DairyCo, aimed at vets and farmers, highlights key areas where dairy farmers can improve cow herd performance and efficiency. Chapters include feeding, breeding, cattle health, stock handling, milking routine, mastitis detection, lameness and hoof care, medicine, machinery handling and human health hazards. The DairyCo are also the makers of the film on Managing Heat Detection, designed to help farmers identify the bulling cow more accurately and so get cows back in calf more effectively while World Horse Welfare have provided a film showing how to assess and monitor a horse’s weight, how to condition score and use a weightape as well as offering advice on dietary management.

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