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Monday, 15th August 2022 | 9,790 veterinary jobs online | 79 people actively seeking work | 5,216 practices registered

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BEVA Introduces Recognised Internships

2 weeks ago

2nd August, 2022 09h56


BEVA has introduced a Recognised Internships initiative as a part of its drive to ensure new veterinary graduates get the best start in their careers. Working alongside corporate and independent practices BEVA is providing a stamp of approval for high-quality internships that meet a set of core standards.

BEVA Recognised Internships significantly enhances BEVA’s previous internship programme, which simply listed available internships in equine veterinary practice. Over the past year BEVA has worked with veterinary practices across the UK to develop a set of key skills that should be covered during an internship. These standards sit alongside BEVA's existing Employment Toolkit which outlines what a new graduate should be considering when applying for a job (such as working hours, pay, CPD allowance).

“We are delighted that nearly 40 equine veterinary practices have already signed up to our Recognised Internships initiative, said BEVA Chief Executive David Mountford. “It is such a positive sign that as a profession we are all committed to ensuring we can offer the best start to those entering the profession.”

“Even the older members of our profession remember the trials and tribulations of securing our first job; working out what we wanted to focus on, what the practice had to offer, what the rota was like, and what we were going to be paid,” said Roger Smith, BEVA Junior Vice President.

“The new programme gives practices constructive guidance to provide a positive and inspirational introduction to a career as an equine vet, rather than the perhaps rushed and unintentionally unstructured, labour focused junior positions that have been experienced in times past.”

“Interns are young people, brimming with enthusiasm, determined to embark on a career in equine veterinary practice,” said Bruce Bladon BEVA Council Member.  “An internship should be viewed as an intensive, yet formative stage of a career and interns regarded as valuable members of any hospital or practice team. Their enthusiasm should be fostered, and their labours rewarded both financially, and intangibly with experience.” 

“So far, the internship has been invaluable for developing my practical skills and learning specialist techniques in a supportive environment,” said Dr Georgia Dollemore MRCVS who is an Intern at Donnington Grove Veterinary Group. “Caring for both critical and surgical patients has given me confidence to bring my new skills to ambulatory practice.”

For further information and to see the practices who have signed up to BEVA Recognised Internships, together with their current intern vacancies here.

For practices who are interested in joining please contact Fiona Cunnington -

You can also find out more at BEVA Congress (8th – 10th September 2022, ACC, Liverpool).  Full details of the BEVA Congress programme and booking details can be found here


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