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Ceva Bolsters Veterinary Behaviour Range With The Launch Of FELIWAY® Help!

4 months ago

23rd May, 2022 12h39


Ceva Animal Health has bolstered its leading veterinary behaviour range with the launch of FELIWAY® Help!, the ideal solution to support cats during temporary stressful situations.

It is common for cats to find leaving home and visiting unfamiliar places, such as the vets, stressful and it can unfortunately lead to them struggling to settle when they go back home.  FELIWAY Help! helps support cats after a visit to the vets or vet treatment and reduces signs of stress which include scratching, urine spraying and hiding.  It is also an ideal solution for temporary stressful situations including parties or having house guests to stay, changes at home such as new furniture and decorating and during holidays or short breaks.

Eighty three percent of cat owners saw an improvement in their cat’s signs of stress after using FELIWAY Help!1, which complements the FELIWAY range and provides more cat owners with the opportunity to use FELIWAY for temporary stressful situations.

FELIWAY Help! is available as a FELIWAY Help! starter kit comprising an innovative, new device and cartridge providing pheromone support for seven days and covering 50m2.  The device is plugged into an electrical socket which warms the cartridge and holds a matrix impregnated with feline facial pheromones which are released into the environment. The device and cartridge should be plugged in two days before the stressful event.  An extra free cartridge is available, offering seven days addition support, and can be claimed by following the instructions on the pack.  A box of three cartridges can also be purchased to provide extra support in case of additional stressful situations.

FELIWAY is widely used in veterinary clinics to support cats during their visit, particularly if they are hospitalised, and FELIWAY Help! is an ideal solution for temporary support to help cats settle back into their home environment.

Sarah Heath BVSc PgCertVE DipECAWBM(BM) CCAB FRCVS, an RCVS and EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine and Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, comments: “Cats can find the veterinary visit challenging and when they go home they can sometimes find it hard to settle. Feliway Help! can be very beneficial in easing the transition between home and the practice. This can be particularly helpful when cats have had a stay in hospital.”

“Fifty-eight per cent of cats show signs of stress2, which include scratching, urine spraying and hiding, which are often exacerbated by occasional stressful situations such as vet visits,” adds Abigail King, senior behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health.  “FELIWAY Help! has been developed with cat owners in mind to help reduce signs of stress and support cats during temporary stressful situations and will perfectly complement the FELIWAY range.”

FELIWAY has helped over 14 million cats and cat owners around the world by supporting their wellbeing over the last 25 years.  The FELIWAY range now includes: FELIWAY Help!, FELIWAY Optimum DiffuserFELIWAYClassic DiffuserFELIWAY Friends Diffuser and FELIWAY Classic Spray.  For further details please visit, call the Ceva Animal Health head office on 01494 781510 or email


  1. Data on file – 300 cats after seven days of use
  2. Ceva Sante Animale Internal report ST-CLT-D957-1907(2020)

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