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Dog Cull In China

15 years ago

18th June, 2007 00h00

WSPA has received reports that on Sunday 10th June, authorities in Chongqing, China began a mass cull of all dogs in the region; The cull is thought to be in response to a human rabies death. The Government of the Changshou District in Chongqing rapidly brought in a law making it illegal to own a dog, and urged all dog owners to kill their dogs or hand them over to the authorities before Sunday’s deadline. On Sunday, the authorities allegedly began confiscating the dogs and killing them using inhumane methods. This action would be devastating for the dog owning community and cause untold animal suffering. The WSPA is aware of the situation and is taking urgent action from within China to stop the cull. Indiscriminate culling is not an effective way of controlling or preventing human deaths from rabies. The WSPA has over 20 years‘ experience of humane dog population management and we have offered to work with the Chongqing authorities to set up an effective and humane strategy to control the dog population. This will help eliminate human rabies cases and demonstrate that they have compassion for animals. Through meetings, letters and telephone calls we are positively applying pressure on the authorities and doing all we can to get them to call a halt to this campaign.

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