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DOTUS For The First Dog? Experts Offer First Family Tips To Chew On When Naming First Dog

13 years ago

30th January, 2009 00h00

Choosing a name for the First Dog is an undertaking that could rival the appointment of a cabinet member – minus the congressional approval, according to Strategic Name Development, a national firm responsible for names such as Wendy’s Baconator™ and Bayer’s pet-tracking chip, ResQ®. That in mind, Strategic Name Development offers its PETNAME checklist to the First Family to assist with the process of naming their new dog:Using this criteria, here are some suggested names from Strategic Name Development for the First Dog:For The People, By The People In addition, Strategic Name Development recently conducted a survey of Obama supporters and found that nearly one in four preferred a pet named in honor of a well-known person – either real or fictional. Names ranged from Scooby and Linus to George Washington, Cleopatra, Garrison Keillor and even poet Edith Sitwell. “If the First Family chooses to follow the paths their supporters recommended, they may decide on a well-known personality’s name for the dog just as other American presidents have done including Calvin Coolidge, who owned a terrier named Peter Pan, and Lyndon Johnson, who named his beagle J. Edgar,” said Diane Prange, Chief Linguistics Officer. “Either way, this dog will be famous and the name will live in perpetuity, so it’s important that they find a name fitting for a First Dog.” The study also revealed that by a margin of almost two to one, fictional names are preferred over actual names – most of which are two syllables and end in an ear-pleasing vowel – Mickey and Shaggy. For pets, as it is often for brands, sound trumps meaning. Other survey findings include:Strategic Name Development surveyed 487 US citizens, at random, who owned a pet and supported Barack Obama in the recent presidential election using Survey Sampling’s national online panel. The survey and subsequent market analysis were conducted in late 2008 and balanced by age, income, gender and U.S. Census region. The findings are significant at 95 percent confidence. Some in person one-on-one interviews from from a cross section US citizens who were vacationing at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, were conducted recently. The interviews are in a 3 minute video posted on YouTube. Just go to: Strategic Name Development, Inc., a brand naming consultancy, has expertise in global product naming, company naming, tagline development, and brand architecture. We utilize our global capabilities while combining linguistics, creativity, and brand name research to build global brand names that are instantly recognizable, memorable, trademarkable, and strategically sound. We augment our naming expertise with our global proprietary Name DNA Validation® research methodology, which compares name candidates to each other and against our proprietary normative database. For more information on Strategic Name Development or its recent naming study, contact William Lozito at 952-830-4100 or email

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