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Feed Manufacturer Calls For Votes To Help Weight Watchers At Redwings

1 month ago

3rd June, 2024 12h22


Feed manufacturer calls for votes to help weight watchers at Redwings

The SPILLERS™ brand is calling for horse lovers to help them ‘Battle the Bulge’ by choosing how to spend a donation of £5K to help weight-watching horses and ponies at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. The Battle of the Bulge campaign is part of the brand’s partnership with the charity to help end equine obesity by 2035.

“Equine obesity is a serious welfare concern that we should all be aware of,” said Bella Fricker, Project Lead at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. 

“With our new Battle of the Bulge campaign, in partnership with Redwings, we aim to raise awareness about the risks of equine obesity, educate owners on identifying excess weight, and provide practical solutions to reduce calorie intake. To kick things off we are financially investing in a special project to help make a difference to overweight residents at Redwings.”

The brand is donating £5,000 to Redwings and is asking for people to vote on how they would like the money to be spent to help fund essential projects aimed at providing better care and support for overweight residents at Redwings.

Voters can choose one of the following special projects:

·      Project 1: Strip Grazing Supplies

·      Project 2: Low-Calorie SPILLERS Horse Feeds

·      Project 3: Enrichment Materials

Voting is taking place via the SPILLERS Slimmers' Club Facebook page.

By encouraging participation in voting for their preferred project, the SPILLERS brand hopes to capture the imagination of the equestrian community by actively encouraging them to support the health and welfare of overweight horses and ponies.

The 'Battle of the Bulge' campaign builds on the SPILLERS brand’s ongoing education efforts through the SPILLERS Slimmers' Club, to spread awareness, empower owners, and make a tangible difference in the lives of horses and ponies. The campaign is also delivering practical tips and expert advice, to support equine weight watching journeys every step of the way. 

Amy Honey has just stepped into a new role as the dedicated Weight Management Coordinator, at Redwings Horse Sanctuary and has been instrumental in helping to set up the Battle of the Bulge campaign with the SPILLERS brand. 

Amy said: “Equine obesity is one of the biggest welfare issues facing horses, and the more we can do to keep them in optimal body condition, the better. My role at Redwings is all about keeping our residents in tip-top shape. This includes regular weigh-taping and body condition scoring, as well as devising a bespoke, optimal diet for each resident. Whatever their age or stage in life, our goal is for our horses to be as healthy and happy as possible.” 

Battle of the Bulge voting is exclusive to members of the SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club. Details on how to vote can be found in the SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club Facebook group.

To find out more about the SPILLERS range contact the Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or visit

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