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Fireworks Seasons Brings Stress For Pets And Owners

16 years ago

4th October, 2006 00h00

fireworks.jpgThe Blue Cross pet charity is helping pet owners lessen the stress to their pets and themselves during firework season. Pet owners may not realise that some of the behaviours their pet exhibits to loud, unexpected noises can stress related and there are ways the owner can make firework season more bearable. Julie Bedford, head of animal behaviour at The Blue Cross, says the top five stress signs to look out for are: an animal yawning and licking its lips, or appearing agitated and restless; destructive behaviour towards household items; trying to dig or get under furniture and cushions; wanting extra attention; and constant whining, barking or meowing. The charity is advising owners to:The Blue Cross recognises that pet owners can find it very upsetting watching their animals become frightened or confused by firework noises and has written a free guide to try and help pets and their owners get through fireworks season. The leaflet contains advice on cats, dogs, small animals and horses. The leaflet can be downloaded free from by calling 01993 825500 or by writing to The Blue Cross, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon, OX18 4PF. It can also be picked up in firework packs, in national supermarkets and in Blue Cross centres and hospitals.

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