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Free Webinar: Preparing Females For Pregnancy - 10 June At 8.00pm

1 year ago

4th June, 2020 13h39

Royal Canin

Veterinary Professor, Sylvie Chastant-Maillard, will explain how to increase the chance of pregnancy and delivery of healthy puppies and kittens in a free live webinar on 10 June at 8.00pm.

During this webinar Sylvie will take you through the selection process for mates to  maximise both the chances of a successful pregnancy and neonatal survival.

Prof. Chastant says, “Reproduction has to be prepared! Reproduction does not begin with mating. Females, bitches as well as queens, have to be properly selected and prepared to increase their chances of pregnancy and to ensure the delivery of neonates in good health with high chances of survival over the first weeks of life.”

The webinar Preparing females for pregnancy will be hosted by Royal Canin.

Don’t miss out on the webinar and for your chance to put your questions to Sylvie. Register for the free webinar

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