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Inaugural BAME Board Meeting At IVC Evidensia

4 weeks ago

27th October, 2020 08h01

IVC Evidensia UK & IE

The IVC Evidensia BAME Board met for the first time on October 22nd to discuss a variety of aspects within the BAME Scholarship scheme including its objectives, the target recipients and the details of how the scheme will operate. Subsequent meetings will focus on how we can best reach eligible individuals and what other activities we should undertake to support our scholars.

It was agreed that in this first year, the scheme will target people that have already applied for 2021 entrance to vet school. In future, it will focus on reaching school children who are yet to choose their careers, with the aim of making an entry into the veterinary world more realistic and attainable.

It will also be open to individuals who have completed a first degree and are considering a veterinary degree as a mature student. UK and EU citizens planning to study at any of the UK vet schools can apply; for future years we will explore whether the scheme could work in our other countries.

The BAME board advised on eligibility criteria with significant emphasis being put on focusing support on those candidates who are also from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. Since this is a profession-wide initiative, it was agreed that whilst candidates will be offered EMS placements and encouraged to apply for a place on IVC Evidensia’s Graduate Academy, they would not be bound in any way to work for IVC Evidensia once they had completed their studies.

In addition to Chair Amanda Boag, the Board consists of 9 representatives of the BAME veterinary community from around the group and two of the Exec Team.

The BAME Board:

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