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MyCentaur Survey Highlights Management Benefits

13 years ago

31st July, 2009 00h00

Perhaps veterinary practice owners do not need the recession to know how important it is to have accurate and up-to-date management information; but, in the current financial climate, there may now be even more necessity in having the latest practice data readily available. In a recent telephone survey conducted for Centaur Services, this is one of the features of the MyCentaur website that has been proving especially useful to practices. Six months after the launch of MyReports, Centaur claims the MyCentaur website ” can add real value to management decisions” and those practices already signed up to the system seem to be using the various features to suit their specific requirements to assist in the control and management of their businesses. In the survey, the management information, and in particular the analyses on spend with individual suppliers, were cited as invaluable tools when drawing up management accounts and in negotiations with manufacturers. Multi-branch practices are finding very useful the ability to set stock levels throughout their businesses from one location and the allocation of costs and rebates is made much easier when one can view a breakdown of total spend per branch. Whereas some practices are discovering the 24-hour online product ordering facility, with the extra benefit of orders placed online by 9pm being delivered the following day, a more convenient and flexible way to ensure good stock control. One practice commented that “the new system allows us to add items during the day, as we log on from 8am, and then send in one order. It saves a valuable phone line not being tied up when placing a long order and any out-of-stock items and anticipated delivery dates can be advised to a client right-away if necessary.” “It’s interesting to hear about the differing levels of application of the MyCentaur system depending on who is using it and for what purpose,” says Colm McGinn , Sales and Marketing Manager at Centaur. “I was pleased to learn that speed of system and ease of use were mentioned by every user interviewed. It would have been easy to design a system that was technically brilliant, but so impractical that that no-one could use it!”

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