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New Name And Packaging For Equitop GLME

2 years ago

19th August, 2018 17h45

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim has rebranded its popular equine joint supplement with the launch of Equitop GLME.

The joint supplement of choice for professional riders, Equitop GLME (previously known as SERAQUIN GLME), joins the Equitop portfolio of products which also includes Equitop Myoplast, Boehringer’s market-leading supplement that supports lean muscle growth in horses.

The eye-catching new packaging clearly distinguishes the product as an Equitop brand and communicates the benefits of Equitop GLME to horse owners.  It features an easy-to-read product description together with a ‘Vet Endorsed’ badge to emphasise its veterinary heritage.

Equitop GLME is a highly palatable, pearl formulation joint supplement specifically developed to support the healthy function of cartilage, joint capsules, tendons and ligaments.  It is derived from an active extract of New Zealand Green Lip Mussels - a natural source of glucosaminoglycans (GAGs), chondroitin and essential fatty acids – and is tested free of prohibited substances.

The nutrients within this product help to lubricate joints, as well as supporting normal joint function, the stability and elasticity of ligaments and the shock-absorbing properties of cartilage.

Equitop GLME is fed once a day either separately or mixed with feed and one tub will typically last for 30 days and can be used in all horses and ponies.

“By encompassing Equitop GLME into the Equitop portfolio and launching easy-to-read new packaging, we are enhancing our product offering to both veterinary practices and horse owners,” comments Dr Amy Scott, brand manager for Equitop GLME at Boehringer Ingelheim.

For more information on Equitop GLME or Equitop Myoplast contact your Boehringer account manager, visit or

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