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New Plaqtiv+® Oral Care Range Aims To Make Dental Homecare More Accessible

2 months ago

19th April, 2022 15h44


European first as Water Additive receives VOHC Approval

Animalcare aims to give veterinary teams greater confidence in recommending home dental care with the launch of its new Plaqtiv+® range. Featuring patented Xpersiv™ technology, the Plaqtiv+® range captures minerals and inhibits biofilm maturation to reduce the formation of calculus – a key contributor to periodontal disease.

The Plaqtiv+® Water Additive has just received prestigious Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approval. It is the first Water Additive in Europe to achieve this status, which confirms that it has delivered at least a 20% reduction in calculus in two studies¹. Other products in the range include a gum spray and a malt flavoured toothpaste.  Each has been designed to support owner compliance through ease of use and through accompanying educational materials.

The launch of the Plaqtiv+® range marks a significant strengthening of Animalcare’s presence in the dental homecare sector. Veterinary teams will be supported by a new veterinary professional and owner facing website – The vet site offers a range of resources, including talk tracks to start discussions with clients about dental care and tools to help them recognise signs of dental pain. The pet owner site offers a wealth of information on the importance of dental health in pets and advice on establishing a dental care regime.

The Plaqtiv+® range joins the company’s existing enzymatic toothpaste, Orozyme® Oral Hygiene Gel, which can be applied to a cat or dog’s teeth to help prevent and remove plaque.

Commenting on the launch of the Plaqtiv+® range, Animalcare Product Manager Eleanor Workman Wright said: “Despite research showing that at least 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are likely to develop periodontal disease by the age of three², dental care is still often neglected. While tooth-brushing is cited as the Gold Standard, it has to be used daily to achieve a significant degree of efficacy. This is often just not possible in the ‘real world’ and a more flexible approach can be helpful, with products such as water additives and gum sprays offering a practical, less time consuming solution in some circumstances.

“Products should be grounded in science which is why we are delighted that the Plaqtiv+® Water Additive has just become the first European product of its type to earn approval from the VOHC.” Complimented by the rest of the Plaqtiv+® range the aim is to improve engagement with pet dental care by providing formats that fit well with owner lifestyles.


1. Veterinary Oral Health Council. Protocols and Submissions. Available at: [Accessed April 2022].

2. Royal Veterinary College. Available at: [Accessed April 2022].

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