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Wednesday, 19th December 2018 | 10,927 veterinary jobs online | 122 people actively seeking work | 4,864 practices registered

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Onswitch Launch Cx Live, Three Days Of Research And Training Delivering Five Star Customer Care For Under £5K!

10 months ago

5th February, 2018 14h24


New for 2018, Onswitch are delighted to announce the launch of Cx Live, a unique two-day interactive practice workshop packed with evidence and bespoke training to help veterinary teams deliver a superior customer experience. Taking place at the practice or a convenient local venue, Cx Live will train, measure, manage and inspire the team with minimal disruption to the working day, embedding new skills and enhancing teamwork and motivation. At just £3,850 +VAT Cx Live offers excellent value for money, and to help practice cash flow, payment can be made in three instalments.

Cx Live marries research insight and practical skills training into a high-impact package. Practices benefit from a suite of research, undertaken before the two-day workshop begins, collecting data from clients, pet and horse owners and businesses in the catchment.

Day 1 - Onswitch coaches spend a whole day at the practice, following the customer journey for new and established clients. Every client touch point is assessed, identifying opportunities to improve the customer experience and boost business efficiencies.

Day 2 - Building on learnings from day one, along with the pre-research, a tailored day of practical communication skills training for the whole team is delivered. Three two-hour sessions allow everyone to attend whilst the practice runs as normal.

Alison Lambert, Onswitch's Managing Director, explained the rationale behind this innovative new workshop, "The customer experience is a key aspect of the success of any service business,

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and a little focus goes a long way. So many practices think they know what local owners want, but so few bother to actually ask - Cx Live makes it easy and cost effective for practices to collect the data and evidence they need in order to make the right decisions. Then once any gaps are identified, bespoke training for the whole team ensures that the customer experience is consistently positive at every stage of the client's journey. In short, Cx Live has all the insight you need to make your customer experience five star, all for well under £5,000!"

For more information on Cx Live, or Onswitch's training, reporting and consultancy services, please contact or call 01476 565343.

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