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Purina Puts The Focus On GI Dysbiosis At London Vet Show

8 months ago

6th October, 2023 12h55


Purina is attending London Vet Show this year where the company will be bringing its expertise in the microbiome and dysbiosis to the fore. The company is also taking part in UK Pet Food’s, ‘Food for Thought’ stream with an enlightening lecture on the power of probiotics at 2pm on 16th November. On Purina’s stand L50 there will be exciting opportunities to take part in a challenging game with prizes for those who hit the heights of the leaderboard, as well as coffees, refreshments, samples, and giveaways. Conversations on the stand will centre around tools and resources to help vets in practice, with access to evidence-based information on developments around scientific understanding of the importance of a healthy microbiome. 

Libby Sheridan, Scientific Affairs Manager at Purina explains that research on the microbiome has expanded enormously in recent years, “From the gut-brain axis to the gut-lung axis, it’s clear that disruptions in the microbiome can have a significant impact on many aspects of animal health and behaviour. Dysbiosis can result in clinical signs ranging from mild to severe acute or chronic GI signs, including diarrhoea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss and in fact, some treatment protocols such as antibiotics can themselves contribute to a worsening of dysbiosis, adding to the burden for an already compromised pet. We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to talk to veterinary teams about how they help nutritionally support the gut through such challenges.”

All members of the veterinary team are welcome on the stand – Purina recently sponsored a census of VCAs in conjunction with AVACA and has developed resources for veterinary receptionists in conjunction with BVRA and within the Purina Vet Centre online. Laura Hughes, Veterinary Nurse Development Manager says the need for a ‘one team’ approach has never been stronger, “Working together positively is so crucial at the moment – we’re all more aware than ever that if we fully utilise the skills of everyone in the team, not only can we offer a better client experience, we can also help alleviate the pressure felt by our colleagues. We want to support the whole team with the resources they need to achieve this and have so many practical toolkits that can be easily used in a fast-moving practice environment.”

Included in the resources on the stand is the recently launched Purina Handbook of Canine and Feline Clinical Nutrition with contributions from 40 expert authors from around the world, which is available free as a digital download.

Purina is on stand L50 and the UK Pet Food’s sponsored all-day stream, which explores all aspects of pet nutrition and feeding takes place on 16th November at London Vet Show.

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