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Purina’s FortiFlora® Probiotic Now Available In Convenient Seven-pack Format

9 months ago

16th December, 2021 15h59


Purina has released their PRO PLAN® FortiFlora® probiotic supplement in a convenient 7-pack format to support easy recommendation and dispensing. The FortiFlora® 7-packs save time for busy veterinary teams, allowing professionals to supply owners with a week’s course of this well-known probiotic without having to use additional packaging. The new packs are available for both cats and dogs, and come in time for the festive season where disruption to routines and diet may mean that more pets will benefit from probiotic support.

FortiFlora® contains the probiotic Enterococcus faecium SF68, which has been clinically proven to help support intestinal as well as immune health.1,2 The supplement is recommended for use in intestinal disturbance and loose stools associated with microflora imbalance, stress, antibiotic therapy and diet change, as well as to help improve poor faecal quality in puppies. For short-term GI disturbances it is often given for a week-long course, which is why the new 7-packs are so useful for clinicians.

Dr Libby Sheridan, Scientific Affairs Manager at Purina, explains that the new packaging format was designed to help busy veterinary practices. “Our team has designed this new packaging format to make recommendation of this product hassle-free for clinics, providing a quick and simple alternative to breaking down the larger FortiFlora® box packs, which contain 30 supplement sachets in total,” she says. “The new packs give the product a neat and professional appearance for owners when giving one week’s supply.”

The role of probiotics is currently an exciting topic of research as scientists are discovering ever more about how the gut microbiome plays a pivotal role in digestive and systemic health. The level of viable bacteria contained within a probiotic is a crucial consideration for product efficacy, and FortiFlora®’s proprietary microencapsulation process guarantees levels of live E. faecium SF68 entering the gastrointestinal tract, where it has been proven to support intestinal health and microflora balance, in addition to helping support a strong immune system in dogs and cats. 1,2

As well as helping gastrointestinal disturbances, FortiFlora® can also be given to healthy animals to help support overall digestive health and immune function, which can be useful in periods of stress. Dr Libby Sheridan explains that this is particularly relevant over the festive period.

“Over Christmas time we tend to see more vets using FortiFlora®, as not only are gastrointestinal disturbances more common over this period, FortiFlora® can also be used to help support pets who are prone to loose stools resulting from stress,” she says. “This is particularly useful when animals may be travelling, going to kennels, or just having to adapt to visitors being around in the house. For vets looking to support these patients, it can be very helpful to be able to reach for a week’s course of FortiFlora®.”

FortiFlora® 7-packs are supplied in a counter-ready tray for easy dispensing and are available for veterinary clinics to order now. To find out more about FortiFlora®, visit:


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