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RCVS Showcases 12 Inspiring Veterinary Leaders At Royal College Day 2019

11 months ago

12th July, 2019 13h58


At Royal College Day 2019 – the Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) – a showcase of 12 inspiring veterinary leaders from a variety of backgrounds, roles, disciplines, and career stages was launched.

A video featuring interviews with the 12 veterinary leaders was unveiled by Amanda Boag in her final speech as RCVS President, reflecting the strong emphasis that she has put on the need for all members of the veterinary team to develop everyday leadership skills, as part of the RCVS Leadership initiative, during her presidential year. The Leadership initiative itself was formally launched in April 2018 which was followed by the creation of a popular online leadership course, developed in conjunction with FutureLearn and the NHS Leadership Academy.

Speaking of the latest development in the Leadership initiative, Amanda said: “Vet professionals are almost invariably all leaders, but we are not always good at recognising and promoting this. The RCVS wants to celebrate leaders from across the vet and vet nursing professions, including both those leading every day in their workplaces, as well as those in traditional leadership roles. We want to highlight our qualities as both people and professionals, and emphasise the need to recognise these qualities and, through that, give us all the confidence to take up leadership roles.

“A few years ago, the RCVS began work with the British Veterinary Association on the Vet Futures project to identify where we are now, and where we want to be in 2030. Leadership development was identified as an area that we have not necessarily been brilliant at as a profession. More worryingly, there was evidence that some vets, particularly younger ones, do not see themselves as leaders, or feel comfortable with that term.

“In our selection of these 12 veterinary leaders we have shown that leadership is not something that belongs only to those who are senior, or those who wear a fancy chain of office around their neck. We believe leadership is something that is ongoing, and something that can be demonstrated at any stage of a career. We want young vets to know what good leadership looks like, and have the confidence to call things out when they are not right. Vets and vet nurses care a great deal about what they do, and this is the time for us to stand up, value ourselves, and tell ourselves and others that we can all lead in important ways.

“I am very proud that one of my last acts as President is to launch this showcase and I hope that other members of the profession find the diverse stories and experiences contained therein as exciting as I do.”

The 12 people who have been showcased as part of the initiative are:

The full video for the showcase and a digital copy of the booklet featuring 12 in-depth interviews with the inspiring veterinary leaders can be found at

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